Star_Trek_Game_coverStar Trek was released on April 23, 2013 by Namco Bandai. The game was developed by Digital Extremes. Star Trek is a third person action adventure game.

The game is played with captain Kirk or Spock, Coop can each play one of the two. The game more or less takes its inspiration from the 2009 film.

When playing in the single-player mode, Kirk and Spock have different paths through the missions in order to encourage replayability.

The game does not allow players to switch between Kirk and Spock during a chapter, although this ability was included in preview versions of the game shown to reviewers prior to launch. It also does not allow for fellow players to “drop-in” to play alongside co-operatively.

In a similar manner to the Gears of War series, the game includes a cover system, which protects the player characters from enemy fire.

Kirk is more action oriented while Spock is more stealthy. The game tries to capture the personalities of the original series.

There is some role playing elements as players progress,. Some capabilities unlock etc. Tricorders are used in the gameplay which helps players plot points.

During the course of the game, players have to fight their way across a number of environments. The first mission sees Kirk and Spock land on the planet New Vulcan which is taken from the 2009 film which shows the original planet destroyed..

There are some minigames which are seen in other titles. Minigames are an easy way to improve game play with some diversions.

This game was available in Steam but it has subsequently been withdrawn in April 2016. We feel that games like this that are not big sellers can be permanently discounted heavily (90%) which can encourage more to try the game. Patching the game also can perk up sales.