steam_icon_logo-svgSteam is now making a lot of changes in the way they present games. Some, for example, may not want adult content etc. Now Steam users will be able to filter out selected tags.

Left 4 Dead 2 offers gore and violence while Clicker Heroes is a casual game.

Steam is slowly learning how to be more adaptive and getting better at leveraging the game database. Eventually as the schema is updated we expect Steam to be much more able to select the type of games a user wants while eliminating unwanted choices.

Steam now also has semi-custom store pages for developers and publishers who can be looked at by enthusiasts who may want to look at the other games being offered. Bethesda is a good example of a publisher that has sold a lot of games through Steam, 2K is another one that has sold a lot of games as well.

Steam is also working with publishers and developers to be sure that games are properly tagged etc. This will make it easier for Steam’s filters to work properly.

Steam has worked hard to be the best in gaming and their work has paid off. There are over 10 million active users on Steam on any given day. Sadly they are not all on our friend list.