surface pro 4We noticed a few posts on forums and it has become a serious problem almost overnight.

With the loss of the stylus and touchscreen the Surface Pro 4 has become nothing more than overpriced laptop. Users are understandably upset.

Somebody from Microsoft posted that they are aware of the issues and promised they would work at fixing the problems. Given the machines are now out of warranty however does not lend well to motivating a fix.

We are speculating that a driver problem is the likely culprit. Given only some machines are affected suggests a reset of Windows 10 may cure problems. Most are loath to do this as it requires backups and time.

We also suggest installing the latest BIOS for the machine to make sure the system is secure.

For those who are having problems, there is little recourse outside of ranting on a forum. We heard of one user in the UK who got his machine exchanged after a small claims was filed.

Being cynical, we speculate that the machines were borked to motivate the sale of new models.