TeamGroup L5 SSD 480GB (T2535T480G0C101) The TeamGroup L5 SSD 480GB (T2535T480G0C101)  is the top capacity model of the series. TeamGroup also markets memory and other solid state hardware. The L5 SSD is an entry level SSD marketed primarily to laptop users.

The L5 SSD uses the  mature 2D NAND technology. Featuring great durability and low energy consumption, it has become the mainstream flash memory of choice for the latest generation, enhancing overall capacity of solid state drives along with performance and reliability. It not only provides better performance and endurance, but also breaks through the technical and capacity limitations of planar chips.

The L5 SSD is 7mm thick making it easy to install in almost every machine. The SSD is average for performance and it needs a SATA III port to be able to cope with the bandwidth. The L5 is backwards compatible for older machines that have SATA or SATA II ports. L5 LITE only weights only 60g which is much less than most hard disks.

The L5 SSD is nominally 4 times faster than the typical hard disk. The performance numbers shown clearly show the difference especially with SATA III ports.

The chart shows the L5 SSD can saturate SATA III ports which suggests SATA speeds need to be boosted for notebook machines. Clearly the SSD performance is much better than the typical hard disk. The smaller M.2 slots cannot deliver the higher capacity of the SATA models of SSD however they can deliver higher overall bandwidth.

L5 LITE solid state drive supports the Windows TRIM optimization command which is able to release unused space to be used for system writes immediately. Native Command Queuing works to tune SSD performance and help prolong the product life.

TRIM also helps with wear levelling and error correction tasks.


We installed the L5 480GB SSD into our Lenovo X220. The machine supports SATA III so it’s able to take good advantage of the storage product. We used software to copy the existing hard disk so that we could resume using the machine quickly.

The machine boots twice as fast and shuts down even more quickly. Program launches are also faster.

Reboot performance is dramatically faster which is helpful when running beta versions of Windows or programs.

No question that while not the fastest SSD around, the L5 480GB SSD has plenty of space for even the largest games.