The Shell of Permafrost (永冻之壳)The Shell of Permafrost (永冻之壳) was released on December 9, 2018 by Confused Anan (迷糊的安安). The game was developed by let him marry (让他结婚). The Shell of Permafrost is a casual role playing game.

This independant game is out of China but we are aware that the developer plans to have an english translation available soon. The game is free to play so why not take a few minutes and learn some Chinese, it’s not a hard language.

The mysterious girl with fate came to the snow and met the witch in the depths of the forest. A year later, as memory gradually recovers, she will face a crucial choice. 

The characters appearing in the memory of Sylvia. They seem to be closely related to her past. 

Sabrina the witch who lives in the depths of the forest runs a pharmacy. Although the speech is a bit fierce, it also has a gentle side. 

The key mappings are best for a gamepad.


Operating System Windows 98 or better
CPU Celeron 335 or better
Memory 512 MB or more
Hard Drive Space 150 MB
Graphics Hardware Integrated or better
Network Broadband Internet Connection Required