r5-2400g boxThe upcoming AMD X570 motherboards will be able to use existing AM4 processors. At the same time the Zen 2 Ryzen 3000 series processors will work on existing AM4 motherboards.

Most media speculate AMD will announce availability of new chipsets sometime at Computex 2019. Computex this year runs from May 28 until June 1, 2019. Computex is held in Taipei, Taiwan each summer.

We presently have a B350 based motherboard which can use any AM4 processor. Unlike the B450 the B340 can use even the Bristol Ridge processors. Our R5 2400G is a 65W processor which lends itself easily to a conventional CPU cooler.

AMD is also expected to announce new Ryzen 3000 processors for AM4 users. Our existing CPU is adequate for out needs however we can consider more cores given Windows 10’s proclivities. The integrated graphics is a powerful feature that makes the R5 2400G a tough act to follow.

We are considering a full ATX motherboard with more PCIe slots mostly for additional front panel support for USB 3.1 type C and IEEE1394 cards for old video editing and importing.  We are expecting a full featured X570 ATX motherboard will be expensive but the advantages are desirable.