counterfeit gtx780 seen on alibabaAvoid the Vamery brand of NVIDIA cards. They are counterfeit.

They are older cards or counterfeits with a hacked BIOS to make them appear to be a more recent model such as a GTX 650 or GTX 760. Cards like the old GT 440 were being sold as GTX 660 cards etc.

These are made in China who has yet to stop them from this unethical and illegal practice. We discovered them on eBay with incorrect descriptions which alerted us to the fakes. For example, the GTX 760 features a 256-bit memory interface while the fake was marketed with 128-bit which would the case for a lower priced model.

Over time we have seen these counterfeit Vamery cards sold on Amazon, Newegg and many other stores. It seems that several thousands of these counterfeits were sold in the US along with countless more being sold into other nations.

The cards were evidently bought directly from China by German wholesaler Kosatec and sold on “to numerous German online stores,” including Jacob Elektronik. reports that the original listing for these ‘Nvidia GTX660 4096MB Bulk’ graphics cards was accompanied by a picture of a retail GTX 660 card from ZOTAC. Since the discovery of the fakery ZOTAC has threatened legal action.

When Kosatec was pressed for the original source of its ‘Nvidia GTX660 4096MB Bulk’ stocks it responded that it received them direct from manufacturer Point of View. However further investigation by reveals that POV deny both selling the cards and that the cards are of its manufacture: the serial number naming scheme doesn’t match POV’s scheme.

We do price checks frequently and this is where we discovered the Vamery brand of graphics cards in the summer of 2015. Extreme video cards are expensive and they represent a very small market. The vast majority of video cards sold are actually at the low end of the market.

We have since scanned the net for this practice and we have seen large numbers of them offered for sale on eBay, Amazon, Alibaba etc. Unfortunately many seek lower cost used items where these miscreants are mostly offering them. It appears that several participants are involved and it appears that the people are Chinese due to the solicitations seen on Alibaba.

We have also spotted them on Amazon being offered by one of the stores operating there. Amazon seems to be more alert to the problems. Here is a Vamery card on Amazon, read the reviews from those defrauded.

The photo on the right came from a Alibaba listing of a fake GTX 780. This listing did not display any brand with the card. Its obvious to us that this card is much too short — the GTX 780 is 10½ inches long and the card in the image is only 7 inches. The real GTX 780 needs 2 power plugs while the fake only has a single plug. The GTX 780 comes with 3072MB of VRAM, while the fake comes with 1024MB.

Since we discovered this practice in 2014 we have noticed that larger numbers of these fakes are flooding online retails around the world.


Standard NVIDIA drivers will not work either. These cards are hacked and the driver disk has been modified to show the device ID for their cards with the counterfeit models.

The device manager will also show code 43 if the user attempts to install a driver.


We lack adequate funds to buy a new video card every time a new one is released. Income has been down with the economy.

Eventually we hope that the economy will recover adequately so that we can afford to buy more equipment.