wi-fi graphicThe Wi-Fi Alliance has released a new update to the decade old WPA2. Now WPA3 is available which provides a much needed improvement.

WPA2 has a couple of significant weaknesses. First, an attacker can capture an encrypted data stream from your router and then carry out an offline dictionary attack at their leisure.

Because they don’t need to remain connected to your router to make repeated password guesses, they bypass any limits the router itself places on repeated access attempts.

WPA3 solves that problem by using a different password with each session making it impossible for offline attacks. It uses a new key exchange mechanism so that weak passwords are not so easily identified.

Open public networks will be better too as session encryption is provided. Hotels and other similar areas are notorious for surveillance. Https has helped but sites visited are still monitored.

WPA3 is backwards compatible so do not worry about existing hardware. Expect to see it soon with the new 802.11ax access points. New machines with 802.11ax will also support WPA3.

Some vendors may offer new firmware for existing Wi-Fi boxes so check with our manufacturer for more information,

Read the press release for more information.