WINDOWS 10 BUILD 17733.1000

Windows-10-logoWindows 10 build 17733.1000 is an interim release for debugging. The version sill shows 1803 but this build is actually 1809 which is under active development. This will change once a release candidate is available.

The reboot bug has been fixed so at least wear and tear on the power button is now relieved.

Changed the reboot background color from orange to blue.

Also fixed an issue where the touch keyboard would become invisible.

Lotz of fixes to the narrator which is been is focus for completion before release.

Fixed a bug in the calculator that we did not notice. We use the calculator on our iPhone more often.


Onedrive my BSOD when a local folder is removed, this should be fixed soon.

Making text bigger may show clipping issues.

Windows 10 S may not open office properly.