WINDOWS 10 BUILD 17741.1000

Windows-10-logoWIndows 10 build 17741.1000 is a n interim release as Microsoft continues to get Redstone 5 ready for general release.

The clipboard memory size has been increased from 1MB to 4MB to accommodate larger DPI devices. Ultra high resolution panels are becoming more common. We suggest 32MB will be able to handle 8K panels adequately.

Lots of UT fixes such the Bluetooth setting which would crash of minimized and then restored.

The ondrive bug has been fixed. This tended to crash Windows when a folder was deleted.

The clock bug where the time was manually set has been fixed too.

Lots of other fixes such as apps not restarting properly etc. Many other low level problems have been fixed but the todo list still lengthy.


Foobar 1.4 is faulting when converting media from one format to another.