WINDOWS 10 BUILD 17751.1

Windows-10-logoWindows 10 build 17751.1 is an interim version for debugging purposes. The version of Windows codenamed redstone 5 will be known as the October 2018 release as Microsoft is confident that they can have this release debugged adequately by then.

  • We fixed a recent issue that could result in some flakey network connectivity (including networks stuck “identifying”, and stale network flyout connectivity state).
  • We fixed a recent issue where color and wallpaper settings weren’t correctly applied after a system upgrade when migration was done in offline mode.
  • We fixed an issue where explorer.exe would crash if you were in Tablet Mode and opened Task View while in portrait orientation.
  • More UI fixes such as contrast problems and more mobility fixes. Some problems with high DPI panels are also being fixed at last.

The watermark has now been removed as Microsoft is closer to the final release candidate. We expect to see a few more builds for debugging before moving to the release candidate stage is done.

Redstone 5 will arrive to the general public in October. Developers should see the RTM build in September, as the 1809 version number indicates.


Nothing done about the recent 0-day defect found recently.


We had a problem installing this on our Lenovo X220, a second attempt was successful.