WINDOWS 10 BUILD 17763.1

Windows-10-logoWindows 10 build 17763.1 is a release candidate as Microsoft is working to test the 1809 release to manufacturing, The test builds continue to be code named Redstone 5.

There are no new features outside the changes we reported earlier with the changes in the apps,

We are aware that Microsoft has been working with Tencent of China to make sure all of their popular games work properly with Windows 10.

Tencent has been working on fixing cheaters in games with Microsoft and both have developed solutions that will make gaming more fair for all.

Microsoft has also worked hard on fixing all of the issues with Edge and so far the work has been fairly successful.

Microsoft also has fixed problems with programs compiled with Visual Studio 2017 which has had its own fair share of bugs. Issues with C# and the .NET framework are now working properly.

Also fixed were some audio issues with some machines. None of our Lenovo machines experienced any issues but we have seen reports with other makes and models.


  • Task Manager is not reporting accurate CPU usage.
  • Arrows to expand “Background processes” in Task Manager are blinking constantly and weirdly.