windows 10Windows 10 build 18208 is an interim released as Microsoft readies the next semi-annual release of Windows 10.

Improvements with sign-in seen in 18272 are still being refined to make it easier with those who use several machines. We use cloud machines in addition to physical ones and the refinements are definitely much needed.

Recall the Windows Hello introduced with Windows 10 and the improvements with the sign0nm are being refined more generally.

The file explorer icon has been cleaned up to look better with the new light theme. Now it is more neutral between themes and its now easier to recognize.

The download folder is now sorted by date which makes it easier to find what was received such as new drivers, pictures  etc.

The groups in Start can now be generally unpinned. This makes it easier to customize a new setup for corporate use etc.

The touch screen keyboard has been tuned to make it faster. Generally a touch screen has been slow but Microsoft has been researching this for some time.

Notepad can now save UTF-8 files without the byte order mark t make it backwards compatible with earlier versions of Windows. UTF-8 without a Byte Order Mark is backwards-compatible with ASCII and will provide better interoperability with the web, where UTF-8 has become the default encoding. A  column has been added  to the status bar that displays the encoding of the document.

Narrator has continued to be refined as Microsoft has been focused on refining this for quite some time.