windows 10Windows 10 build 18309 is a test version for some new features for the upcoming semiannual release tentatively called 19H1.

At last, Cortana has been hushed.

We know remembering a PIN can be tricky, so we wanted to provide our Microsoft account users with a revamped Windows Hello PIN reset experience with the same look and feel as signing in on the web. Check it out in today’s build by clicking the ‘I forgot my PIN’ link when signing in to Windows with a PIN.

When originally announced on Build 18305, this experience was only available for Insiders on the Windows 10 Home edition. With today’s update, Insiders can try it out on all Windows 10 editions.

If you have a Microsoft account with your phone number, you can use an SMS code to sign in, and set up your account on Windows 10. Once you’ve setup your account, you can use Windows Hello Face, Fingerprint, or a PIN (depending on your device capabilities) to sign in to Windows 10. No password needed anywhere! We use an iPhone and the finger scanner can be used to authenticate. We also use Lenovo laptops with finger scanners which can be used for authentication.

We would like to see TPM become universal on laptops and desktop machines. We would also like finger scanners on desktop keyboards. Better quality webcams would be better for facial recognition.

More improvements for the narrator are also included. More work on high DPI display support is ongoing as many programs need to be updated.

The bug bash will span from January 23th, 2019 to February 3rd, 2019! Microsoft is hoping one session of debugging along with their hard work at clearing the known issues will make the next release more stable.

Some media are calling Windows 10 version 1809 problematic. We installed it fresh from an ISO and it has not been at issue in our shop. Ad Duplex figures only 6.6% are using 1809. We have lots of hard disks so clean installs are easier. We suggest buying several hard disks for backups.