WINDOWS 10 KB4056892

Windows-10-logoThis update applies only to Windows 10 1709, earlier versions should be updated to receive this and other updates. This brings windows 10 to build 16299.192.

  • Fixed some memory problems with 4TB or more RAM installed
  • Fix a problem with Reset this PC after KB4054022
  • Fixed some problems with Edge
  • Fixes the Intel CPU bug.

Other problems are of less interest to gaming. A few festering problems more of interest to corporations that gaming.

Rest of the stuff is here.


Lots of complaints over machines running slower, mostly with older machines. Haswell and older processors are the worst affected.

Machines with a SSD for the system disk are not as badly affected as far less disk activity is seen.

Our Samsung R540 now takes much longer to boot and its almost completely unresponsive for at least 5 minutes from a cold boot. Older machines are now very badly affected.