WINDOWS 10 KB4100375

Windows-10-logoKB4100375 applies to Windows 10  version 1803  which bumps the version to 17133.73.

This update requires a restart suggesting some core components are being replaced.

  • Addresses a PDF security issue in Microsoft Edge.
  • Addresses an issue that, in some instances, prevents Internet Explorer from identifying custom controls.
  • Security updates to Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, >Microsoft scripting engine, Windows kernel, Microsoft graphics component, Windows Server, Windows cryptography, and Windows data center networking.

We expect that this update will be widely available once the insiders test it to see if there are issues. We have been a participant on the insider program for the entire time Windows 10 was being developed.

Microsoft and everyone else depends on us for testing games and they are regular users of the site. That reason is why we at Hardcore Games are the leaders in PC gaming.


This update has managed to stabilize the Steam version of Rise of Nations enough to be playable. We have the game installed on our Lenovo x220 laptop so we can play the game on breaks. We will update this once we have played a map completely which tended to cause a resource error.


We experienced some problems with Bluetooth hosts and some devices. For example it was necessary to re-pair an iPhone to be able to use it to secure a machine when unattended.

We also had to re-pair the Microsoft 2600 series mice as they also became problematic. We also had to repair the iPhone we had paired to secure the machine when we walked away.


For some reason the Windows Update History is blank. Probably an oversight that needs to be fixed.


On our Lenovo X220 the CPU does not every go below 2.5 GHz even with the machine idling. The CPU is an i5-2520m Sandy Bridge.

GPU loads have also been noted to be higher as well. This applies to Intel, AMD and NVIDIA.


There seems to be a memory leak which forces us to reboot machines frequently. Windows Defender Network Inspection has been fingered.