WINDOWS 10 KB4464330

windows 10Windows 10 KB4464330 applies to version 1809. Windows  10  KB4462919 applies to version 1803. As usual with kernel updates, a reboot will be needed.

  • Addresses an issue where an incorrect timing calculation may prematurely delete user profiles on devices subject to the “Delete user profiles older than a specified number of day” group policy.
  • Security updates to Windows Kernel:
    • Microsoft Graphics Component
    • Microsoft Scripting Engine
    • Internet Explorer
    • Windows Storage and File Systems
    • Windows Linux
    • Windows Wireless Networking
    • Windows MSXML
    • Microsoft JET Database Engine
    • Windows Peripherals
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Windows Media Player

No new features have been added to 1809 as this update is simply fixing known issues.  The security issues are largely additional fixes for known problems with recent CPU faults as well as updating the festering bug list.


We have noticed many HP users and Dell users are experiencing BSOD faults with Windows 10 version 1809 with KB4464330 installed. HP users complained that card reader keyboard drivers BSODed their machines. We have a USB 3.0 cable so we can decrypt disks and fix errors to attempt to get a system bootable and it has been indispensable in our shop.

Alienware Aurora R5. Installed KB4462919 and KB4100347. BSOD on reboot.


dism /Image:C:\ /Remove-Driver /Driver:c:\Windows\System32\driverstore\FileRepository\hpqkbfiltr.inf_amd64_714aca0508a80e9a\HpqKbFiltr.inf

you can also try

ren C:\Windows\System32\drivers\HpqKbFiltr.sys HpqKbFiltr.sys_old