WINDOWS 10 KB4469342

windows 10Windows 10 KB4469342 is intended for Window version 1809. This changes the build version to Build 17763.168.

  • Fixes mapped drives to reconnect after starting and logging into a Windows device
  • Fixes some issues with Bluetooth headsets that stop working after a period of time
  • Fixes the brightness on some machines that resets to 50% on a reboot
  • Time zone fixes for Fiji, Russia and Morocco
  • Some multi display rigs now work properly
  • Fixes sysprep problems with the /generalize switch

Lots of other updates but no new features.

The update is slow on reboot as Windows is doing a new hardware detect cycle with the fixed subsystems. Some of the fixes are with the DXGI which handles layers above the mini-port drivers to deal with the display issues. The bluetooth drivers are mostly mini-port and kernel mode.


The problem with save-as in Paint 3D is still not working properly. Reset the app did not change the fault.

Some issues with games such as Halo: Combat Evolved when set to a lower resolution than the native LCD resolution. Screen may go black even with the game running.