Windows-10-logoMicrosoft has remove some of the features seen in earlier versions of Windows.  Windows. 10 version 1803 has removed some unneeded components.

The phone companion has found a niche with the Windows Hello security to lock down laptops when a person leaves for lunch etc .

The Groove app will now only play music on a PC or stream from OneDrive. For other music users will have to find a suitable app.


The HomeGroup feature was intended for families to share things like printers etc without resorting to using a server etc. It first was delivered in Windows 7 but today more use mobile phones, tablets and laptops and printing has largely disappeared in favor of digital books etc.


The XPS format was intended to compete with PDF and was first seen in Vista. Today EPUB and other formats have relegated XPS to the disused pile.


Microsoft has also dropped the old SMB version 1 protocol which was seen with Server 2003. It was flagged all the way back in 2016. Shared folders now need credentials and specific authorized access.