Windows-10-logoWindows 10 version 18252 is a development version that is slowly adding new features for general release.

Support for configuring a static IP address as well as setting a preferred DNS server. These settings were previously accessed within Control Panel, but you will now find them on the connection properties page under IP settings.

First seen on Always Connected PCs, as some keen eye’d Insiders noticed, we have brought the disconnected internet icon to all devices running Windows 10. This single icon appears when there is no internet connection detected, and replaces the individual disconnected icons for Cellular, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet. This new icon should help you quickly identify network problems so that you can take action to resolve them.

The Ebrima font supports several western african languages which will be popular. This will allow web developers to use local languages.

Finally fixed is the CPU bug so now at least the proper CPU values should be seen.

More work on the narrator to fine tune it more. Fixed an issue with the security not being read properly.

Entering the wrong PIN can show an error and stop further attempts from logging in again until the computer has been restarted.