WINDOWS KB3086255 MS15-097

optical_disc_dvdMicrosoft KB3086255 deals with the security bulletin MS15-097 which identified secdrv.dll as a risk. The real problem is that this was provided by Sony long ago as an API DLL to their SecuROM disk check copy protection product.

Open an elevated command prompt and run:

sc config secdrv start=auto

This will fix the problem and most games should run properly. Microsoft wants all the third party DLL packages included with Windows to be digitally signed so that they are not a security risk.

Given that secdrv.dll has not changed it can be internally signed so this is really an attempt to get rid of game disks in favor of downloaded games. Microsoft has also been dismantling their Games for Windows Live and we expect it will be closed soon.

Publishers want to sell more games and license them to the person but consumers like the idea of sharing game disks so there is a conflict of interest. This issue is likely to become more of a problem as consumers become frustrated that games do not work.

The Microsoft Bulletin can be read here,

You can search for affected games here.