windows 10Microsoft in its quarterly report blamed the shortage in processors for hurting OEM sales of Windows. The lack of OEM Windows sales also meant that consumer sales of Microsoft Office took a hit.

Azure sales have continued to grow as more join in with the cloud like we do. We can work on this site from anywhere at any time.

Surface laptops are popular but chip shortgages have hurt laptop sales as well as desktop upgrades.

Intel has been selling server processors for data centers. Mobile are second in line and desktop get what is left. Intel has struggled with their new 10nm line so their own projections are down.

It may be 6-12 months for supply to normalize as new lines mature. AMD is slowly launching a new flagship card next week made at 7nm.

Windows 10 still accepts Windows 7 and 8 keys for clean installs. It appears that Microsoft will allow motherboard upgrades, The activation troubleshooter can recognize a new motherboard and an existing installation. We have moved a SSD from machine to machine over time and Windows actitiates.

We believe Microsoft will still honor Windows 7 keys after 2020 primarily due to the digital license model. When a motherboard dies, they can be replaced but after 5 years the hardware cycle has changed CPU, RAM and most like PCI Express speeds have improved. The activation troubleshooter can handle an existing install or you can reuse the old key and a fresh install and the troubleshooter will figure it out. It now rate to have to use phone activation anymore.