Windows-10-logoWe have noticed a lot of games we have in Steam are now listed in the Windows Store. Browsing the store we found a vastly larger number of games available.

We suspect that Microsoft wants to ramp up the Windows 10 platform for gaming as many of the games are free like the ones seen on Steam.

Casual games are popular mostly as they have very easy system requirements. The Windows Store also has many AAA ation games which shows that many publishers are willing to use the platform as an alternative to Steam and Origin etc.

We are aware that Microsoft is looking for a new revenue source and the store full of games is one idea with merit. Windows continues to be a major source of income and the console has underperformed.

The way things are with all the rival stores is to fragment the sector badly. Steam is the biggest vendor of games as the worked close with the community more so than others evey could imagine.