fav-icon-512-leftAs our regulars have noted, CPU faults galore have surfaced in recent months with problems called Spectre and Meltdown. Fixes have been released to protect systems from CPU architectural problems.

Security researchers with Israel-based CTS-Labs, have discovered a thirteen security vulnerabilities for systems based on AMD Zen processors. The thirteen new exploits are broadly classified into four groups based on the similarity in function of the processor that they exploit: “Ryzenfall,” “Masterkey,” “Fallout,” and “Chimera.”

Intel has indicated their 8th generation processors will have fixes for the problems. AMD has indicated they are working on fixes for their Ryzen 2 processors.

Our old desktop box is still using the old MSI 970 based motherboard with a AMD Phenom II 965 Black Edition CPU and an EVGA GTX 660 Ti card. It has 12GB of memory installed so it can still run most games fine.

Given we are now being pushed to a new platform, we are looking at what is being done with motherboards and processors.

We are hesitant as DDR4 prices are still far too high for out tastes. Video card prices are also still well above MSRP and forums galore are full of complaints. Motherboards are about the only reasonably priced component.

We have several old laptops and we are more motivated to get a more recent machine as many lay games on laptops. We notice even our old laptop playable games pages get a fair number of page views each month. Niches seem to be all over the place.