z1 battle royaleToday H1Z1 has formally launched as Z1 Battle Royale (earlier, it was called H1Z1: King of the Kill). The game originally was a zombie shooter before the battle royale genre exploded.

NantG, has taken the helm and is promising to revitalize the game by ‘restoring’ a number of its old features like animations, vehicle mechanics, guns and combat, and even the map itself to bring it back to “the glory days.”

The clock has also been turned back on many of the weapons’ recoil, sway, and bullet speed, and the patch even goes so far as to completely remove the ‘points of interest’ that were added to the map over the past couple years. It also restores the lighting, textures, trees, and roads from the King of the Kill era.

The existing game has been renamed automatically in Steam and an large update has been applied.